Month: June 2017

Different Types of Wagers, A Must Know for Amateurs

In the horse racing business, in depth knowledge on horses and racing is definitely a must. Horse racing tips are quite helpful and handy in most situations. But before you even consider betting for the first time, you need to know the types of wagers. You might be betting into something and you think it’s just as simple as your horse winning but in the end you end up with nothing because, it’s not the type of bet you expected. Easy as it may seem, horse racing is actually more complex than what it looks like. To help you understand better, let us present to you some of the most popular straight wagers types.

First of all, straight wager means, you only bet on one horse. This is very typical for newbies. Here are the most popular types.


This is the simplest form of straight wager. If your horse wins first place, then you get to collect. There are no complications to this kind of wager as it is very straight forward. This is also the kind of bet where you can collect a substantial amount of cash.


Show means you are betting that your horse will come in first, second or third. This is a good way of betting because you have higher chances of winning but the payout will usually be lower than a win or place wager.


Place means you are betting that your horse will come in the first or second place only. If he does, then you get to collect the bet. The amount would be high but a little lower than win. But this is better than win since you have more chances of winning.

Across the Board

This is the combination of all three wagers mentioned above. This mean you are betting that your horse will either win, place or show. As a result, the bet would be a lot more expensive but then again, this could prove to be quite worthy in the end. This is one of the favorite types of wager.

Horse Racing Tips Everyone Should Remember

Whether you are a seasoned fan or an amateur in the horse racing show, you would definitely realize that it is an addictive sport and sometimes may even be dangerous in so many ways. The good news is, you don’t have to stop doing what you love just because of these reasons, and all you have to do is read these last minute horse racing tips for your own good.

Now, there are different kinds of horse racing enthusiasts. There are those who are merely fans and are just betting on horses for fun but there are those who made a career out of it by betting abundantly and in return making a lot or losing too much during races. There are also those seasoned enthusiasts who know the ins and outs of horse racing; they are what you may call the professionals. And lastly, there are the newbies. First tip for newbies, never bet with an expert. Don’t take the odds especially if there’s much at stake. Horse racing is not just merely dependent on luck. It based on strategies and expertise so it’s best if you embrace your level of expertise and practice to become an expert.

Do Not Bet on Every Race

This is especially true among beginners. The thrill and the adrenaline you get from watching the races would make you want to bet on every single race. This is definitely wrong, unless you are willing to lose millions, even billions of money then keep safe. Many amateurs are losing more than they can afford in every race because of this. You wouldn’t want to go home broke and indebted, do you? Of course you would want to bet again on other races so be wise. The same horse that won on a particular race does not guarantee he will win again on the next, so choose which races you bet on.

Set a Budget

This is probably the best advice. Set the amount of money you are willing to lose without causing you trouble. This way, you will know when to stop betting.

Tips on How to Pick Your Winning Mare in the Race

Horse racing is a very old and popular sport. It dates as far back as the height of the Greek and Roman Era. Today, horse racing is not just a sport for entertainment but it could actually earn you a good sum if you know what you are doing. Common horse racing tips are important if you ever want a chance of bagging in some cash after a race. If you are a beginner in the noble sport of horse racing then you are at the right page. Let us help you out.

Get Familiar with the Race Day Program

This may seem to be a very abstruse tip but in fact, this is one of your keys to success. The race day program consists of detailed information about every horse participating in the race. This will narrow down your list and would definitely help you make smart choices. This might be overwhelming at first what with all the information crammed in the program but you will get used to it.

Check on Past Performances

Each horse would have a brief history of all the races they’ve joined. This will give you invaluable knowledge on the horses’ racing capacity so you’ll know who have the best chances in the upcoming race too. You also have to consider the different surfaces that the horses run on. Racetracks have different ones and it’s good to know which horse can perform its best in the type of surface the racetrack have based on his information on the program.

The Jockey

One of the secrets to betting in a winning horse is the way you choose the jockey riding him. If a jockey has good overall performance in riding different horses then odds are that he can manage and bring out the best with any horse he will be riding. Add that to the horses winning history and boom, you have the perfect formula to win. Another good choice would be consistency, if the same jockey rode the same mare numerous times and finished in the top three at least, then they are good.